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Welcome to Deerly Departed

Suburban deer have been a scourge on planters and front yards for decades. Deerly Departed is dedicated to helping property owners protect their investments.

Our only goal is provide our customers with custom solutions to their neighborhood deer control challenges. The target is complete satisfaction and we aim to hit our mark every time.

About Our Services

We focus our service offering on one thing – removing deer from your yard. We are single minded in our approach and dedicated to addressing your needs through custom plan development.

Because each home is different and unique, we take the time to meet with each property owner, survey the landscape, and develop a program. Our customers are unique, just like our solutions.

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Preparing the Site We will expertly prepare the site and deploy our monitoring devices. We document the space and asses the scope of work. Understanding the volume of deer, their size, and gender is critical to creating a binding scope of work.



A Custom Scope of Work
The scope of work varies from client to client all dependent on time, number of deer, size and other factors such as season and weather. Like spots on a fawn no two proposals are the same.

$24,500 – $75,000+


Use or Donate
Once we take down the deer in your yard the next steps are your choice. We can leave it as a warning to others, or remove it and process for an additional fee. Then keep the venison or we’ll donate it to Hunters for the Hungry.


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